Thursday, February 16, 2006

The snow is melting....

Everywhere else except Mt. Garagemore. We still have a lot of snow and it does not seem to be melting as fast as it is other places. We may still be able to go sledding this weekend - unless the rain really does come.

Twiggy (remember Twiggy the pest squirrel) has been spotted with all of the snow. OK so it was his footprints that I spotted in the snow. He has been back to eat the bird food. And Bambi has been back at the bird feeders too. I am not sure I want to encourage this... something about Bambi, ticks and 15 feet from my back door just is not working for me.

Nothing humorous to report I am affraid... I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day!!


At 10:17 AM, Blogger kershdo said...

Maybe you should get some deer feed from Southern States and plant it further away from Mt. Garagemore & the bird feeders. Worked for me, until they took out the woods. Now the poor dear's don't have anywhere else to go. (Note: Pun fully intended.)


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