Friday, February 17, 2006

Tosha! Tosha! No Tosha

If you know my dog Tosha you know that she is big, hyper, and DUMB. In the 8 years she has been with me she has never had a health problem, cleared many a coffee table, earned the name destructo dog, and has never caught an animal...

So here we are, it is Friday night, the beginning of a three day weekend (Everyone together now - ahh a three day weekend.) and I am on my deck with the dog. All of the sudden she is off like a shot, flying across the yard. The dog is fast, but I have never seen her move like that. She is after something!!

At fist I thought it was a fox - and I have a special place in my heart for foxes. So there I am on the deck screaming Tosha! Tosha! No Tosha! And the little dark figure runs to the step of the deck and all I saw was a white stripe... OH SHIT!!! to late.

The smell of a skunk is absolutely the worst thing I have ever smelled. You know the wiff you might get when a skunk has become roadkill - yeah that does not even begin to compare. NOT EVEN CLOSE> It is the most acidic, caustic, burning smell in the world and Tosha took a direct hit. Her eyes were tearing and I swear there was blood in her mouth and the smell. She was having a hard time breathing. So as I am on the phone with the vet I realize that I too smell like skunk. Off to the vet Jeff and I go trying to control our gag reflex with skunk dog in the back of my truck.

So long story short - she checked out at the vet - no bites. We all smell like a skunk, my truck smells like skunk, and tomorrow we get to try and get de-skunked.


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