Friday, December 09, 2005


Goodbye, Moon

What is next? Are they going to digitally alter the US Constitution from saying "We the people" to "We the religious right, over protective, over bearing, right infringing, censoring, offended people"

I do not understand and cannot begin to understand where we went wrong as a country in terms of political correctness. We can not call Christmas Christmas anymore. OOPS - I did it again I sad the dirty "C" word and have probably offended my non-Christmas friends. I celebrate Christmas, maybe you celebrate Chanukah (which, in case you were wondering - is not a dirty "C" word) or something else that I have never even heard of. But that is what makes this country so diverse. Instead of celebrating that and opening our hearts and minds to different ideas we have chosen to go down the road of political correctness. BAH HUMBUG!

A person is not handicapped any more - they are disabled or physically challenged. Someone with a handicap sure is challenged - they have to work more then twice as hard to make it in today's world. To make decent wages, to earn the respect of their peers, to just survive in a society that truly believes that every woman should be 6 feet tall, weight 100 pounds, and be beautiful.

A person is not blind anymore - they are vision impaired. But here is something refreshing - blind people do not want to be called "visually impaired" - they want to be called blind. Or at least that is what the National Federation for the Blind is saying. They are offended by the term "person with a vision impairment". GOOD FOR THEM.

Apparently - we can not have brainstorms anymore - it might offend people with epilepsy.

Children do not fail any more - they get do overs. Children do not lose games anymore because we do not keep score. God forbid that little Johnny learns what losing feels like and learns how to be more competitive. I guess the lesson we are supposed to take away from this is that it is politically incorrect to fail? Even if we really do fail.

Losing and failure are two things that teach people what they are made of and are fundamental to life. We all lose things and people. Whether it be a game, a favorite piece of jewelry, a friend, a family member, a job, a house, your car keys - we all lose something. We all fail at something too. It could be we fail to meet other people's expectations, we fail to get home before curfew, we fail to follow rules. But instead of raising children to know these things and all of the feelings that go along with them, we let political correctness prevail. Johnny enters college or the work force and since little Johnny's mother has been saying, "My Johnny would never cheat on a test," or "My Johnny would never hit anyone," or "My Sally would never bring drugs to school," or my personal favorite, "It must be the teacher does not like little Sara or Johnny and that is why he / she is not passing the class," little Johnny or Sara is failing.

No little Johnny is failing because mommy has stood in the way and not let the Johnny or Sara understand what it feels like to fail. To have that feeling of humiliation; of anguish; of embarrassment. Because you know - it would be politically incorrect.

Hand in hand with being politically correct comes censorship - which our forefathers thought even less of then the Queen's tea. Censorship in the name of political correctness brings things like digitally changing the image in a children's book that has been around since before I was a child. Banning people on the air waves like Howard Stern, who is in my opinion, the King of Politically Incorrect. People are falsely lulled into different perceptions of themselves. (little Johnny)

There is great debate among scholars, government, and coming soon The Supreme Court over political correctness. Mr. Newdow is offended that "In God We Trust" is imprinted on our currency - he is an atheist and does not believe in God. He finds our currency offensive. If he wins, our currency will be changed. Never mind that there are 295,734,133 other people in this nation; this guy is offended.

I just keep getting this Simpson's episode playing in my head. The country side is so littered with signs that you can not see the forest for the trees. That is how I envision political correctness; a sea of signs that say "do this not that", "speak this way, not that way", and be careful not to offend.

It really is just so very offensive in and of itself isn't it....


At 2:38 PM, Blogger honeykbee said...

Not to worry, as long as there are Jets fans, children will know what it feels like to lose.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger honeykbee said...

my dad sent me that smoke-free moon article a while ago. Amazing, huh?

Saw this and thought you might enjoy it (sorta...),10117,17527211-1248,00.html


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