Wednesday, August 16, 2006

how I spent my summer vacation...

AHHH - nothing like a little vacation to recharge the batteries. 5 days of not having to answer emails, talk on the phone, take care of little things, no conference to worry about, just solitude. Deep breath with me people - I have not had any substantial time off since last October and I am about fried.

Not like a little fried, but fried like the piece of bacon that was left in the pan to long and is a hard, black, burnt piece of charcoal. To the point where coherant sentences were becoming a stretch. Ever been there? Then you know what I am talking about.

I did not go anywhere cool and drink Margaritas by the pool, but I did have fun!!!

Thursday was the first pre-season game for the Ravens. (22 days to kickoff - YAHOO! God I hate baseball!!) Before Jeff and I even got to the game, I had a blonde moment. I forgot how to walk. OUCH!! There is nothing more embarrassing then having perfect strangers offer to pick you up off the ground. (No I was not drinking which made it even worse.)

Down "The Walk" and up to our seats. Here is all I have to say about the Ravens this year, we FINALLY have a quarterback!!!!! A FREAKIN MEN!! McNair was stellar and the offensive line looked REALLY GOOD. Well until Bellyacher - oops sorry Boller came in. It was everything the folks around us could do to not BOO him. In comparison to McNair - he sucks. And that is being nice.

I got to ride the beasties and all was well with the world! AWWW - now it is off to the trenches..


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