Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Great Poker Challenge

Having never played poker before, I had no idea what I was thinking when I decided that I would sit down and play poker with a bunch of people who knew the game inside and out. It was almost like watching Rounders and I was the sucker. I mean I would even have to ask what cards made up what hand. I was to busy trying to figure out what I was holding I did not even get to observe anyone's ticks.

I had a great time though. And everyone was very patient with me! (Thank you guys!)

B, Joel and Sarah of course knew what the cards on the table were and would be betting and re raising on the river card to get the pot a little bigger. Then the flop would come and either someone at the table would be losing their rolls or everyone would fold. You knew that if everyone was checking that no one had any cards. That much I did pick up.

See B - I am learning!! Sort of....


At 10:22 PM, Blogger honeykbee said...

Holy blogging, batgirl! I've got a lot to read tomorrow at work... yee hawww!


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