Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Keeping Clorox in Business

So everyone is on the same page here, Jeff and I had to put in a new well. It was a very expensive cash proposition, but ya need water right. The county has to come and certify that the well is delivering potable water that is free from debris, has the proper Ph, and is bacteria free. So the first time we bleached the well we put 8 packets of pool shock and nine gallons of bleach down the well head to kill the bacteria. Jeff and I almost died from chlorine gas poisoning. But we didn't so can't cry over milk that wasn't spilt. Then the damn well was hit by a bolt of lightning from the sky and the pump controller has to be replaced.

We finally go someone from the county out to test the water. It passed the turbidity test, it passed the Ph test. Guess what it did not pass - yup you guessed it! Our little microscopic Bacteria friends we still having a field day in our water. Doing the back stroke and belly flops.

There is something gut wrenching when you get a letter from the county stating "your water has been found to be not fit for human consumption." But it is ok for my dogs to drink???? Maybe that is why Tosha has dog breath that can kill!!!

So nine more gallons of Clorox down the well and through the house and we let it sit for 72 hours while we went to New York. And then the declorination began again, without the chlorine gas this time. Amazing how we can learn from mistakes.

The chlorine is out of the well and hopefully, the county will give a clean bill of health this time - otherwise we may need to get one of these.


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