Thursday, January 25, 2007

We just have to watch that line of weather

That is the only thing I heard today a peaked my interest. As we have not had an substatntial snow, there have been no blizzards, no ice, NADA. But I heard this thing about a line of weather that got me all excited.

Could it be bad enough to close the Fed? Could it be bad enough that I will actually be able to justify stocking the freezer for the blizzard that both Jeff and I know will never happen because we stocked the freezer. Could it be bad enough that the Fed closes, I can justify the freezer being full, have people over before it snows, and then we can sled and bonfire all day? Or bettter yet I can go ride int he snow? There is something about riding in the snow that is surreal.

BUT THERE IS NO LINE OF WEATHER!!!!!!! This was a mean, cruel, and unusual torture method used by my co-workers.... BUGGER!!!


At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Sounds like you need a hobby


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