Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things to do when you are a short timer...

1) Surf QVC's 24 hour product review for christmas presents.
2) Play online Tetris
3) research your fantasy football team to the point where you can intelligently discuss all rookies and express whether or not you think that they will make the cut.
4) Continue to think of new ways you would like to torture Vick for poor performance.
5) research the Chrysler Aspen for your mother who has decided that she needs an SUV to go shopping. (Yeah - Don't ask!)
6) Plan your outdoor kitchen.
7) Plan the annual Fredneck bonfire and determine which piece of furniture should be burned this year.
8) Hope that the person (or people in my case) will take care of your team.
9) Read blogs.
10) write the grocery list
11) pay the bills
12) Read every online news source known to man kind.
13) Download every dead show from
14) get in touch with all of your old friends to let them know you are leaving your company and tell them to stop emailing you at work.
15) House shop for your in-laws
16) Decide that even though you are a short timer, you probably should do some work.


At 12:35 PM, Blogger Beakerz said...

yay! blogs!


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