Saturday, September 08, 2007

Is there anyone who speaks English here?

the trials and tribulations of getting one's nails done has hit a new low. I have called every nail place within a 15 mile radius and NONE of them spoke English.


Last week I had a pedicure at the place that I have gone to twice. The first time that that I went to the place, they were nice but did not understand what I wanted. They finally did get it right. The second time I went back I had an appointment for fills and a pedicure. When I turned up, they double booked the girl who had my appointment. "You wait 15 minute" UMMM NO I am sorry, I have an appointment.

So we get to the pedicure...

I had ingrown toe surgery on my big toe, and I explained "no trim on that side", so what does the non-speaking 90 year old, smiling "yes yes I understand" do.. Digs right in and trims my big toe. Which, of course resulted in me kicking her almost in the face (it was involuntary - I swear), screaming at the top of my lungs and startling everyone in the shop. Clearly, she did not understand what I had told her.

So that has sent me on the search for a new mani / pedi person who at least understands "no trim that side" and not one bloody shop runs a good cover to answer the bloody phone. Anyone have any ideas?? Oh and I hate those stupid drills too...


At 11:47 PM, Blogger honeykbee said...

The place where I get my nails done is pretty good, though I wouldn't encourage you to rely on their English skills. Come to think of it, they're kind of douche bags.

Let me know when you find someone, please??


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