Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The tale of Morgan Ridge...

There once was a newly married couple who bought a house right after they were married. Not long after settlement a call needed to be placed for dirty hot water. The hot water tank was drained, cleaned, and refilled. There was much rejoicing!

Then it rained in the kitchen and call needed to be placed for repair. The repair was made and the tub was useable. There was a happy wife!

Along the way the circut breakers started to trip when heat was of much nessecity. Several calls were made and several repairmen came and went - with limited heat the wife was bent. Husband made the calls, jumped up and down, yelled at those who would not listen to reason. Finally the proper people addressed the issue and the rest of the winter was nice and toasty. The husband was very happy becasue all of the sudden he got blankets.

Huband was awoken at 5:00am sometime in February by his wife due to lack of water. No shower for wife, husband away, a phone call was placed to the repairman. While waiting for repair man to call, the wife changes the sediment filter, and what a surprise - it was clogged with dirt and slime.

With the water filter changed the water flowed, but not quite as nicely as it did before. It was ok until the water stopped flowing and the wife's temper was growing. Several times a day the filter was changed, all with the same response. With growing concern, husband called to have the well inspected.

The good news is that the well could limp us a long until a new well could be drilled. The well was collapsing and nothing could be done, go to the county and get the permit, and we will pick a spot and get this work done.

The trucks rolled in and set up shop, promising they had picked the right spot. The neighbors all gathered wonder what was going on. All the noise had drawn quite a crowd and come to find out - everyone's well had collapsed at one time or another.

600 feet and still no water. Husband had watched the work from top of his new tractor (which he broke in the first 24 hurs of ownership and wife had to fix), wife was sick and asked for reports. Husband and wife were told water was there and hydrofracturing is the answer. 8000PSI presure washer in to the 600 foot hole and sure enough the water was there!

But the story will continue as this saga is not quite done...


At 8:16 PM, Blogger honeykbee said...

Makes me want to go take a long, hot, appreciative bath.


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