Monday, May 01, 2006

She wore WHAT?!

I went to a wedding this weekend. Having known the bride for about a year, and knowing that she is particular, I was not expecting the wedding corodinator to turn out in a jean jacket, mini skirt, and flip flops.

OK so let's start at the beginning....

We show up at the church and walk into what we think is the front door, but actually turns out to be the baasement. We wandered around for a few minutes tryng to find the chapel. We finally found it - but wouldn't it have been nice of the coordinator to have directed us or made signs telling guests where to go? But that was only the beginning of the wedding coordinator from hell stories.

As the cermony was commencing the mothers of the bride and groom light a family candle, which I thought was very nice. The bride and groom looked beautiful and happy, the brides maids were all done up with updos and everyone was truely looked their best and the church was beautiful. Then in the middle of the ceremony the wedding coordinator runs up on the stage and blows the candles out. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CEREMONY!!! I would have broken someones arm if they ran into the middle of my wedding ceremony. Not to mention she sat in the back of the church and was whispering the whole time, which of course echoed everywhere. I had to glare at her.

Once at the reception place, we found a table for all of the cohorts to gather and found our table apple, we realized that the wedding coordinator is now walking around in a tank top. So - tank top mini shirt and flip flops. It was not particuarly warm outside - she was not running around making sure that hors were getting out of the kitchen, that the bridal party had their drinks or anything to eat, she was sacheing around the reception place like look at me.

About the same time that several of us made a decision that wedding coordinater should not be paid and that if our friend paid anything for her - they were being ripped off, we notice that she has left her notes about the wedding sitting on one of the table along with the itinerary of the wedding. No quite the smartest thing to do - let the cat out of the bag that the wedding guests will be sitting in a holding room for 2 hours.

I could go on and on about the wedding coordinator - but in the end it is about the bottom line.

It was later confirmed by the bride that the wedding coordinator, the facility manager, and the catering company were being wonderful to the bride - and in the end that was the bottom line. My friend had a beautiful day to start her new life.

She was a vision of beauty, he was very handsome, and I hope that they live happily ever after.

The wedding coordinater should have been drug out back. My friend should have her money returned.


At 10:22 PM, Blogger honeykbee said...

I'm so easy. All I remember of the night is a flowing river of chocolate. Gllll =P.... <---drool

At 3:22 PM, Blogger Needtsza said...

very funny!!!! I really don't have to elaborate. lol

At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Acts16chick said...

Um yeah, she's special. I think I had become numb to her by that point, and luckily I did not hear the whispering in the back of the church! She was a piece of work, but was in fact helpful. I hope you all had fun! It went WAY too fast and when you all left I still thought it was like 6:00!


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