Monday, September 24, 2007

the things you learn on your way to work...

the speed limit may be 65, but that may mean that your max speed is 25.

No matter what alternate route you take home - everyone is going to same way.

It is not nice to say good morning by giving someone the finger (B - this is for you)

The back roads are beautiful, but everyone knows about them.

when you go 25 mph your hairs doesn't dry.

Sirius radio will have the same song playing on three of it's stations at the same time

Planning dinner when driving is not a good idea.

no on seems to understand the pedal on the right thing.

People from Virgina need to have their licenses revoked til they can pass another driving test.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I made it!!

i made itthrough my last day with my old employer with flying colors. No one was around and they outprocessed me via mail... Have you heard such a thing?

Love the new job. My officemate is a RIOT!! And the indoctrination process is getting better each day. Found out my first project will be a rain wreck, but such is life. I live for crisis!!

Dogs are very confused that I am leaving at o dark thrity, but I will make it you to them... treats are a great thing!

Gang - need a sushi night... whenever it works for everyone else.

Monday, September 10, 2007

training your replacement

It is never fun training your replacement. They never want to do things the way that you want them done. They always have rose coloered glasses. They never understand the issues as you see them. Everything is a major ordeal to them. And I HATE repeating myself and I did nothing but repeat myself today. On the other hand sometimes it take an outside point of view. There is a lot of information to process. But for heavens sake, a good size program deseres more then a hours for a transition....

4 more days until new job... I can not wait.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Is there anyone who speaks English here?

the trials and tribulations of getting one's nails done has hit a new low. I have called every nail place within a 15 mile radius and NONE of them spoke English.


Last week I had a pedicure at the place that I have gone to twice. The first time that that I went to the place, they were nice but did not understand what I wanted. They finally did get it right. The second time I went back I had an appointment for fills and a pedicure. When I turned up, they double booked the girl who had my appointment. "You wait 15 minute" UMMM NO I am sorry, I have an appointment.

So we get to the pedicure...

I had ingrown toe surgery on my big toe, and I explained "no trim on that side", so what does the non-speaking 90 year old, smiling "yes yes I understand" do.. Digs right in and trims my big toe. Which, of course resulted in me kicking her almost in the face (it was involuntary - I swear), screaming at the top of my lungs and startling everyone in the shop. Clearly, she did not understand what I had told her.

So that has sent me on the search for a new mani / pedi person who at least understands "no trim that side" and not one bloody shop runs a good cover to answer the bloody phone. Anyone have any ideas?? Oh and I hate those stupid drills too...

Thursday, September 06, 2007


SWEET!! I found a dodgeball league that is local!! And it is very affordable ($18) The only thing is that it is Wednesday nights @ 6:30. With starting a new job, not sure I can make that schedule.

h well - I know for future reference.

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