Wednesday, November 30, 2005

AHHH Home Ownership!!

Jeff and I closed on our house today!! And all went smoothly! Off to clean and wash and wash and clean...And get the dog used to the new house. She is a mess...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The things you learn on the loading dock

I work with some great characters and today was a very enlightening day.

1. In Thailand basket women really do exist
2. There are women in Asia that can do some really disgusting things with their bodies (UMMM - yea enough said)
3. Helicopter has a whole new meaning.
4. You can drink from green bamboo - it may taste a little sour but it will sustain you.
5. Bushmaster snakes do not climb trees but they will hunt you down and kill you.
6. There are butterflies that are poisonous.
7. Real snipers keep both eyes open when making a shot.
8. The reason that this is done so that they can see the snake climbing out of the tree looking for a tasty human-pop.
9. You do not have to run faster then anyone else - just faster then the guy behind you.
10. Short skirts on windy days are not good - especially when you moon the next building.

Ode to Brian...

Brian is karen's boyfriend and he is cool
he laughs at you when you drool.
He kicks ass in raquetball
And can give you the low down on football

Brian - this is you ode
I hope you are not to poed.

Hey bonus points I made it rhyme

Monday, November 28, 2005

It's Official - WE ARE MOVING!!

There is nothing like waiting to go to settlement. You have your cashiers check, you have paid the home owners insurance, you have met all terms of the contract and with less then 48 hours before you settle you are still waiting on the sellers.

But with less then 48 hours the sellers have gotten all of their ducks in a row and we are going to settlement!!

YEA!!!! Jeff gets his 6 car garage and I get my pristine white walls to color!

The Pedal on the Right...

As I was driving to work today it occurred to me that people were driving slowly. The cops were not taking radar, the roads were mostly dry, it was not raining or snowing. For no apparently reason people were driving slower.

Maybe it was the first day back to work after the big Turkey day. Maybe people had not recovered from a weekend of overindulgence that marks the begining of the holiday season. Maybe is was the grinches that are dreading the holiday shopping. Maybe it was that they had not run to Starbuck's gotten their quad shot venti two pump gingerbread latte to jump start their day.

Not only were people driving slowly, they were not yeilding the left lane to people who had gotten the quad shot venti two pump gingerbread if you do not get the hell out of my way I am going to run you over latte.

It is very simple people, the pedal on the right makes the car go faster... use it or yeild the lane.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

T minus 2 days

My wonderful husband and I are in the the process of buying a house, selling a house, and moving. They say that the most stressful things in life are new jobs, moving, and getting married. We just got married, J is starting a new job, and we are moving.

Things have been a lot of fun... no really they have!! We have gotten to throw away stuff, clean up stuff and mostly learned a lot about each other. We have had his projects that I have helped him with and I have had projects that he has helped me with. But this is the first project that has been our project.

The one thing that I learned is that J is the best and understands when I freak out about things. I think he learned that I may not be the best communicator in the world , but my heart is in the right spot.

T Minus 2 days to settlement... and the sellers have still not done everything that they have to do to....hmmm I wonder if we are going to make it to settlement.


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